Bemusterung – Englisch

We have agreements with the German Counterpart of the IFPI (GVL) and with the GEMA, which is a performing rights organisation in Germany.

In order to get your songs played on you must follow these steps:

How to submit your songs:

We accept digital music submissons only.

E-Mail us your Songs in any digital Format (MP3/320 kbps is fine); you must include the Labelcode (LC), the ISRC or EAN. We Need your permission in order to webcast your Songs: Please note that the GVL does not allow us to Webcast any digital(!) Promos without permission of the Copyright owner!

If you do not have a Labelcode, an ISRC or an EAN:
You must also declare that you own all rights to the submitted Songs and that you will inform us on any changes. This is important if you later decide to join a Label.

Digital submission only: Please do not send us CDs/EPs/whatsoever.

E-Mail your audio Files to: